Delivery Policy

How Long Are Shipping Times?

Our products are unique, and not available in Europe. We have to source them from abroad. Our ability to keep our prices reasonable is dependent upon less expensive shipping options, and since our stock is based all over the world – it takes 2-8 weeks but can usually takes 2-5 weeks for your package to arrive.

Since we source different products from different locations, multi-product orders may arrive as separate packages.  Please make sure your understand our shipping times before ordering


 Location Estimated Shipping Time
United States 9-27 business days (19 days average)
Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia 15-35 business days (30 days average)
Australia, New Zealand 7-14 business days (10 days average)
Mexico, Central America, South America, South Africa 20-60 business days  (30 days average)